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Surjit Ayurvedic Clinic named after Dr. Surjit Singh is one of the prestigious doctors known worldwide for offering treatment for various acute & chronic diseases related to cardiac, respiratory, digestion, renal & gynae. Dr. Surjit Singh  who is the best Ayurvedic doctor in Kapurthala has been certified by “Rajkiya Ayurvedic Unani Chikitsa Parishad Patna Bihar” and even got great achievements from various firms & organizations due to providing the best treatments & outcomes for patients.

It’s our constant endeavor to treat various chronic & challenging diseases by strictly following Ayurveda principles as described more than 5000 years back in Vedic literature. Successfully treated 50,000 patients till now, Surjit Ayurvedic Clinic is popular due to providing facilities such as high-tech treatment devices, full body checkups & recently advanced Japanese devices that are available for blood tests.

We are committed to getting the root cause of your health problems & supporting you every step of the way. Our patients routinely report that they experience more energy, better mood, less pain, got relief in their acute & chronic diseases & of course, a higher quality of life. Last but not least, Ayurvedic doctor near me – Dr. Surjit Singh holds uncountable experience & is specialized in treating chronic diseases naturally by deep analyzing the root cause of the disorder, aiming to assure you improved health & lifelong results.

Surjit Singh

Most of the patients have been satisfied with our Ayurveda method of treatment. As we all know “The great thing about Ayurveda is that its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects.”

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Surjit Ayurvedic Clinic

Surjit Ayurvedic Clinic named after Dr. Surjit Singh, one of the prestigious doctors. This clinic has been since January 1991. Here only Ayurvedic Treatment is provided to treat various Acute and Chronic-diseases related to Cardiac, Respiratory, Digestion, Renal and Gynae. 

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