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Millions of women worldwide suffer from gynecological problems which can be avoided with timely ayurvedic treatment. Amazingly, ayurveda has successfully treated 76275  gynecological disorder cases, & counting.

So, if you are looking for the best Gynecologist Specialist Doctor in Kapurthala then your search ends here! Contact online/offline Dr. Surjit Singh who owns Surjit Medical Clinic, known for offering effective & customized treatments for various general or chronic health issues including irregular periods, severe pain in the lower abdomen, heavy bleeding in between periods, thyroid, infertility, UTIs, & menopause, etc. We know that every person is unique, hence treatment  for the person’s diseases must be unique too thus consider Dr. Surjit’s personalized treatment, medicines & end-to-end relief tracking, etc.

Here, not only do Indian women get privileged to be recovered but also foreign women get guidance & treatments which has been fruitful in all possible ways. 

Some Helpful Gynecological Tips

Of course, women’s body differs from a man’s body in many ways. To prevent general or chronic women’s health related issues, women must go for regular checkups to maintain their health.

  1. Make a plan & take action
  2. See your doctor regular or periodically
  3. Consume 400 micrograms of folic acid daily
  4. Quit drinking, smoking & taking certain drugs
  5. Avoid toxic substances & environmental contaminants
  6. Maintain a healthy weight
  7. Get help for violence
  8. Learn from family history
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Dr. Surjit Singh

Dr. Surjit Singh is  the best Gynecologist Specialist Doctor in Kapurthala, Punjab 144626. Book appointment online & offline, view doctor fees, read our patient’s reviews.

Contact number – 9872323444.

Dr. Surjit Singh is a full-time senior consultant at Surjit Ayurvedic Healthcare Clinic. So, feel free to consult the best gynecology specialist nearby you.

Surjit Ayurvedic Clinic

Surjit Ayurvedic Clinic named after Dr. Surjit Singh, one of the prestigious doctors. This clinic has been since January 1991. Here only Ayurvedic Treatment is provided to treat various Acute and Chronic-diseases related to Cardiac, Respiratory, Digestion, Renal and Gynae. 

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