Who is the Best Skin Specialist for Melasma in Kapurthala?

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Melasma is the most common skin condition among women 20-50 years. It causes brown, tan, or blue-gray spots on the face, cheekbone & jawline. Most people with Melasma have a history of daily & intermittent sun exposure, although heat is also suspected to be an underlying fact this skin condition is rare in males. 

Skin Care
Skin Care

Blotchy patches & freckle-like spots on women’s faces start appearing during pregnancy or when they start taking birth taking pills, etc. The patches look ugly on the skin, therefore, don’t wait to book an appointment with the best skin specialist in Kapurthala – Dr. Surjit.


Are You at the Risk of Melasma?


Melasma has different skin effect on different skin tones for instance fairer-skinned people are not much affected by this skin condition as compared to darker brown skin. Not only this but those who are prone to tan, and take oral contraceptives are at the trigger of Melasma.


What are the Reasons for Melasma?


Following are the reasons for  skin condition -melasma:


  • Pregnancy
  • Birth control pills
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Genetics
  • Skin care products
  • Antiseizure medications
  • Tanning beds
  • Estrogen/Diethylstilbestrol, etc.


What are the Three Types of Melasma?


Here are the three types of Melasma:


  1. Epidermal

Starting from epidermal, it is a type of melasma when the well-defined dark brown patches on the face. This occurs when the excessive deposition of melanin pigment takes place in the superficial layers of the skin called the epidermis. 

  1. Dermal 

The second type of Melasma is dermal melasma which is caused due to the excessive deposition of melanin pigment in the inner or deeper layers of the skin. In this, ill-defined light brown to blue-grey patches on the face appears. The good news is that various topical, oral, & procedures therapies are used to treat this, or contact the best doctor in Kapurthala.

  1. Mixed Melasma

Among the types of melasma, this is the most common type where women suffer from bluish & brown patches. Due to the depth of melanin pigments in dermal & mixed melasma, this type of melasma is difficult to treat. 

What are the Signs of Melasma?

Check out the signs & symptoms of melasma:


  • Melasma appears on your skin shoulders & upper arms.
  • It appears on your forehead, cheeks, nose, upper lip & jawline.
  • People who are at their 50s often have melasma on their both cheeks.


What is the Way to Diagnose Melasma?




How to Diagnose Melasma?

To rule out the causes of Melasma, dermatologists recommend going for a visual exam of the affected area. For this, Wood’s lamp examination is often performed where a special kind of light is passed through your skin that allows dermatologists to check for bacterial & fungal infections or melasma staying in how many layers of skin.

Apart from Wood Lamp’s examination, a skin biopsy may be taken to rule out other skin conditions or to detect the depth of melasma which involves removing a small bit of skin.



It’s Time to Know,


Who is the Best Skin Specialist in Kapurthala?


Dr. Surjit, who owns Surjit Ayurvedic Clinic is the best & most trusted skin specialist in KapurthalaSuccessfully treated thousands of patients, for 20 years, we have the best dermatology & cosmetology clinic to give our clients world-class treatment. 

At Surjit Ayurvedic Clinic, we offer the right treatment for melasma, understand your condition & have a modernized lab to perform all skin tests. Moreover, We offer cutting-edge dermatological care for various skin issues including Psoriasis, eczema, mole removal, melasma, acne, warts & rosacea, etc.

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